Winter Field Day
Winter Field Day is coming up 1/27 - 1/28. Join JLRG to run an event station. Send an email to admin@jlrg.org and we'll reply with the directions.

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The island was first activated as USIsland - FL479S, by Bert Moreschi-AG4BV, Mike Alauskas-AJ4PN and Kevin Jackson-W4JKJ in 2009.

Today, we continue to make an annual pilgrimage on Memorial Day Weekend to activate the island. This gives the USIsland hunters a chance to check FL479S off their list and gives us a chance to not only play radio, but run a special event station in recognition of President John F Kennedy's Birthday from the underground bunker built for his retreat during the, Cold War.

QSL Card:

2014 QSL Card shown right will be issued for confirmed contacts.
Please send a SASE to 16183 127th Drive N, Jupiter, FL 33478.
Email: qsl @ jlrg. org

Operating Times:
We will be headed to the island on Friday, May 23rd.
The Special Event station will activate 05/24 at 9am and run through 5/25 until about noon.

Operating Frequencies:
Phone: (+/-) 3.830, 7.180, 14.240, 18.130, 21.280, 28.400
PSK31: 3.582.70, 7.037.70, 10.142.70, 14.072.70, 18.102.70, 21.072.70, 28.122.70.

Transportation: We'll have transportation for the operators, but if you're coming out to visit for the day, you can travel round-trip via Captain Joe's Ferry for $10. Captain Joe departs Riviera Beach Marina located at 200 E 13th St., Riviera Beach 33404.

This is one of the easiest island activations around and makes for a great weekend adventure to go play Ham Radio. Not only is the field deployment good practice and a load of fun, as a USIsland we usually attract some good pileups - come join the party!

For more info, send a note to

A very special thanks to the Palm Beach Maritime Museum for their hospitality on Peanut Island.