Winter Field Day
Winter Field Day is coming up 1/27 - 1/28. Join JLRG to run an event station. Send an email to admin@jlrg.org and we'll reply with the directions.

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Member Weather Stations

The following JLRG members are operating weather stations at their QTH and contribute the gathered data to online services such as the National Weather Service (MADIS) and Citizens Weather Observation Program (CWOP.)

Please see the following links for additional information on these services:
Mesonet, Skywarn, CWOP, MADIS, Wunderground PWS.

JTRG Member CWOP NWS Wunderground
KF2GQ- Bob Purrinson DW1582 D1582  
W4JKJ- Kevin Jackson W4JKJ-2 AS574 KFLJUPIT15